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Route44 is the greatest place on earth. Prove me wrong.

Something special happens when you put a bunch of incredible people together under one roof and let them run wild.

Route44 is a full service production house for agencies of every size. You're a scrappy boutique outfit who needs a shop that can pivot on a moment's notice? We got you. A growing agency in need of a partner who can provide killer builds and peace of mind for you and your clients? That's us. Or maybe you're an established brand looking for a production house who can guarantee jaw-dropping results at any scale. Perfect, let's get started. Whether it's in a small spot for a single hour, or travelling across the country for a month straight, there's no project we won't happily do...

As long as it gets our hands dirty and puts a smile on our face.

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Our Amazing Team

Anthony Seydel

🤙 1 (647) 294-2662

Justin Vickers

Director of Sales & Operations
🤙 1 (647) 545-5099

Lisa Krula

Account Manager
🤙 1 (416) 729-7769

Kellan Jay

Account Manager
🤙 1 (647) 998-6957

Amy Seydel

🤙 1 (416) 399-5855

Pawel Kloczko

Logistics & warehouse manager
🤙 1 (416) 899-2653

Ryan Lawrence

Field Manager
🤙 1 (647) 824-4456

Jordan Temple

Account executive
🤙 1 (647) 922-8190

Nick LaFontaine-Barclay

Build Manager
🤙 1 (226) 989-5774

Jaime Gilberds

account executive
🤙 1 (587) 500-1757

Jinglo NG

Production Coordinator
🤙 1 (416) 543-8065

Joathan McMahon

production Coordinator
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our facilities

Where the Work Gets Done

Route44 Production Facility

Noooooo Dust!

Route44 Headquarters. Strategically located 20 minutes north of downtown Toronto. 11,000 sq. ft. of functional production space in a state of the art climate controlled environment. Full receiving on ground and dock.

Big, Loud, & Crazy Cool Equipment

HP Latex Z 3500 Roll to Roll
AGFA Anapurna
Graphtec Cutter
Kongsberg Router
Vacuum Forming
Route44 north - the wood shop

Soooooo Much Dust!

Brand new and still super top secret. Route44 North is where the wood gets cut. If your project involves beautiful carpentry of any kind, this is where it's gonna get done. 20+ acres of untouched Canadian forest land.

What are the Cool Things Here?

Table Saw
Hand Saw

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